Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Pendants

Just some New ones to Share
All Glass Beads and I love the Blue ones
they sparkle so good against Black
Each is $12.00 Each
And the Browns ones are together for Only
$12.00 Each
Free Shipping in Canada
USA and International Only $2.00 Each
Buy 5 And the Shipping is on Me

Thanks for looking
Hugs Nikki

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tapestry Bracelets

Pink Tapestry Braclet W two little dragonflies-- Sold
Blue Tapestry
These are sure to catch anyone's eye &
it's a toggle bracelet which is easy to use

Corel & Pink Tapestry  Bracelet
This one I just love the look of it it's so warm looking
when you wear it
Thanks for looking
hugs Nikki

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pendants for Sale

Here is my First Lot of Pendants for Sale
All Hand sewn
They Can be necklaces or go onto a key chain. I wear Mine on a simple Leather Cord

Raspberry Delight Pendant
Soft Pink & Raspberry Beads
Buy it on Ebid

Teal Pendant
Teal and Blue w/gold Beads
Buy My on EBID
Purple Punch Pendant
Purple & Blue w Gold Beads
buy Me on EBID
Copper Infusion Pendant
Copper and Clear w Copper lined Beads
Buy ME on EBID
Light In the Darkness Pendant
Shiny Black w Creamy white Beads
Buy Me on EBID
Yellow Spiral Pendant
Matte Yellow w Red Shiny Beads
Delicately White
Creamy White and Mossy Brown Beads
Buy Me on Ebid
3-D Teal Flower
Shiny Teal & Lite Creamy Yellow Beads
Opaque Bead in Center
Buy Me on Ebid
Front ProfileFiery Red Pendant
Deep Reds & Deep Red/Orange
Buy Me on EBID
Sweet White Pendant
Shiny White/Buttery Cream Beads
This looks Beautiful against Black
Buy ME on EBID
Perfectly Blue Pendant
Shiny Shades of Blues
 Buy ME on EBIDThanks for Looking and if your interested please contact me
Each of these are now listed in my Store on Ebid
With Shipping Included for the time
Please read Details there some conditions apply
I am Available for Custom work too

Care and Handling
All Jewelery is Created on Beading Thread which is very strong but not good around fire/water As it can weaken it. Keep away from Sharp Objects too. They are very durable and a lot of the time I double sew them together. The Knots have also been Glued together to add in extra support.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hello and Welcome
This is a work in Progress !!
I plan on making this a place where any of
my work that I make can be displayed and also what is available for sale
whether it is Jewelery or a card I'll list it here for you all to see.
and thanks
Nikki C
Here's a little Eye Candy
Just to show you what I Create when it comes to jewelery